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Meet Auscena…Or as we all know her…Susie. Susie moved here the summer before her Senior year of high school as her dad transferred. Imagine That… Her Senior Year! It certainly takes someone emotionally stable to come to a different state and attend a different school, for one year. HER LAST YEAR. She somehow navigated the whirlwind year and finished just as strong as she started. Susie works our front desk, our Express location, and has recently started serving. And she is ASTONISHING! Susie doesn’t live with a certain set of circumstances, she lives with a certain set of attitudes. She is cheerful 24 hours a day. Susie is intuitive – patient- observant – good-natured-subtle -quiet – conscientious – tenacious – cheerful – soft-spoken and has the purest heart of anyone here. Susie is also very easy to work with – She is quick to support her team, has high moral standards, never makes over-generalized conclusions and has only the purest intentions. She is a thoughtful, quiet soul with unique strengths. Her threshold for happiness is minuscule. Susie leads an empowered life of simplicity that has us all awestruck. Her satisfaction and contentedness come from within. Susie doesn’t buy into the common misconception that material things bring joy. Her pursuit of pleasure is not in an overflowing closet, but in life-changing experiences. “Beware of the Quiet for They are the Ones Who Actually Think”