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Meet Ben…The Hipster Mixologist who found his home @ Victoria’s – If he is not your best friend…He should be. Ben has a love affair with booze…And not in the way you think…He has a bounding passion for combining elixirs and crafting extraordinary cocktails. Ben has been leading this modern cocktail renaissance for years. His obsessive attention to detail and sacred dedication is more like a fetishized form of art.

He was voted Best Bartender in Rochester in 2016…And according to us…He still is. Ben moulds his style of service to reflect the needs of his guests and develops an instant rapport with customers from all walks of life. He has an exceptional knowledge of flavour profiles and always approaches bar-tending as a craft…With charisma and savvy – Ben is also efficient as hell. He possesses the energy density of gasoline -As if someone set him on fire.

He is a neatnik too… And I mean NEATNIK! Every element of his bar is tidy and in order. He craves symmetry and organization. The morning staff ADORE him -His bar at the close is spotless – If he isn’t crafting, he is cleaning. #isherelatedtoanne. Ben doesn’t get much time off…But when he does, you can usually find him grilling lots of meat and watching college football. #amazinglytalented