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a man holding a glass of wine


Meet Brian…Bartender / Server…By far…One of THE most intelligent people you will meet. FACT!!! Having worked with Brian for close to 15 years, I can honestly tell you he is SCARY SMART. The kind of guy who finishes every PB crossword puzzle in minutes…Spell checks EVERYTHING at work (after it has been printed:) …Corrects non-proper grammar errors like a boss… Helps the little’s with their homework…And has a close to perfect ACT score to boot.

You might ask yourself why this guy is in the restaurant business? Well…Like the rest of us…He is embedded deep in the fabric of this Industry’s culture. Plus…He is not just good at what he does…He is GREAT. Brian is also a gentle spirit…He BREEDS compassion and will always fight for what is right. He goes out of his way for the “underdog” and always finds reasons to ignite positive motivations in others.

Brian is never rude, always gives others respect and would NEVER belittle anyone. His humble softness puts people at ease. Brian has a consistent character and is reliable and steady. He is perceptive and insightful with unmatched compassion and understanding for others. Brian is also a seeker…Always seeking the answers to life’s big questions. AND… Brilliantly creative…Channelling his insights, emotions and observations into his first love…MUSIC…His pressure valve after a long day. #weloveourbrian #youmakeusproud #itismoreimportanttobekindthantoberight