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And on the Eighth Day…God created Elisa. She is THAT astounding! Elisa has been with Victoria’s for over 15 years, currently as a line chef. She is, without a doubt, the most consistent and calm employee we have. Entrenched in this field the better part of her working years, she has learned first hand why the “Back of the House” remains a tough environment.

Her hard-working, industrious nature aligns well with the militaristic style of restaurant kitchens. ( well, ours anyway) Elisa is calm, cool and collected during chaotic moments – Even as the rest of us are a hot mess – She is always “In the Zone” when working – Keeping her unique rhythm a secret- Elisa’s credibility commands attention, and compels everyone to take her seriously. In addition to her ” Rock Star ” status at work, she is also the caring mother to four amazing sons. ( three of whom work here) Ensuring her job as a mother is virtually endless – This selfless element inside her is her sustaining force – Keeping everyone’s best interest at heart remains her top priority.