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Meet Jason…Our event and catering manager – Who always delivers more than he promises – And he promises the moon!! Jason has been with us a LONG time – The fuel that ignites our rocket ship of growth – EVENTS! Jason has a Bachelors degree in Hospitality, and trust me when I say…He should teach that class!. Jason is the most hospitable person you will meet. He has an uncanny ability to put each guest at ease. Whether it is someone in a wheelchair, dining in their hospital gown, or the guest overdressed by a mile, he makes them feel like a million. Jason is the engine of our caterings and I am thankful for him every day. The meetings – The details – The endless emails – The ” Hey, I have one more quick question” – The endless post-it notes that act as wallpaper around his desk – The constant time crunch…Events are a whole new level of crazy. And his adaptability to adjust to “whatever comes his way” is his ingenious approach. Jason is: Dynamic – Easy- Going – Honest – Confident -Passionate – Upbeat – Congenial – Charismatic – and just plain fun to be around. Jason also has the ability to build an amazing team of staff he brings to each event. ey have built a solid foundation of trust in each other. He has NEVER had an unsuccessful catering/event. His drive for success is unmatched. He takes absolute pride in making sure each event goes as smooth as satin. His approach of Making it Simple For the Guest…has earned him a ” Medal of Honor” among his customers. Jason truly is the life-blood of our caterings.