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Meet Jyll…Arguably the most dedicated employee in the history of Victoria’s. She has been with us for close to 15 years and has certainly achieved “hero” status here many times over. Jyll is our office gal during the morning hours /then becomes an amazing server until close in the evenings. She is “hands down” the most remarkable employee ever encountered and possesses some of the most admirable traits. An inspiration to us all – Jyll grew up on a dairy farm – Trust me when I say, there is a noticeable difference between us city peeps and those who grew up on a farm. Lucky for us, there is NOT ONE JOB she is unwilling to tackle – Be it an accident in the restroom, taking out stinky garbage, cleaning thoroughly a spill on the floor, blending an entree for a guest who cannot eat solids,picking off gum under the tables, waiting patiently on hold while making important calls – ANY job that requires diligence. Her sensible understanding of “Some jobs just have to get done” is instilled like a boss in her. She is pragmatic, humble, courageous, loyal, diligent, trustworthy, honest, shy, sweet and all around joy to be around. All those years of growing up on a farm have certainly shaped her priorities and reactions to circumstances – All in good moral. Sweet as Honey – Regular as a Clock – Fresh as A Rose – Soft as Tissue – Strong as a Rock. Victoria’s would never be the same without her hard work and true character.