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Meet Nadia…The daughter of co-owner Sam. Nadia grew up a restaurant kid. Having been dragged to the restaurant most of her childhood, she spent the better part of her youth surrounded by endless bowls of pasta and work. Nadia knows the “ins” and “outs” of what it takes to make it in this business. From a “not by choice” dishwasher, to cleaning the restaurant, to hosting and now a server/manager, this girl had done it all AND seen it all.

The Good – The Bad – The Downright Ugly – Nadia cares about getting it right. She keeps going until its right. And she knows the customer determines what “right” is. She is a favourite among our guests and has the ability to understand and share the feelings of others, with a dose of care and concern. ” Please and “Thank You’ are her mottos. Her parents stamped that into her at birth. Nadia is considered by some to be the “mom” of the group – An alpha all the way.

Nadia is a conformist by nature. If there is a rule, you can be assured she will follow it. She adheres to every guideline, even as an owners daughter. She is convinced that people who claim rules are meant to be broken are looking for an excuse. Nadia also has a closely guarded heart. If you want her trust, you better earn it. Your words better are backed by your actions. And your actions must hold the honour. No second chances here.

She thinks a lot and shares a little. Kindness and Authenticity impress her. Nadia has broad shoulders and can dust herself off and move on. She is: well- informed – fiercely loyal- determined – dynamic- trustworthy-attentive – sweet-and a hero in an apron to many.