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Meet Todd…He has worked here from the beginning. A Victoria’s Original. He was hired the summer before we opened as a server…One of our best hires…Ever. Todd was seasoned in this Industry. I. Was. Not. Fortunately for us, he took all those “tough to measure”concepts and helped us put things in motion.

Absorbing all the unforeseen circumstances that occurred…Never revelling in the ridiculousness of the situation. In fact, the section chart he whipped up three minutes before our first night of operation was in place for five years. ( Because who would have thought servers needed sections? Not Me:) Todd has a quick wit and a silver tongue. Nobody can outwit him. His comebacks are always made at the moment and his responses are at lighting speed.

His mental velocity allows him to assess his guests’ needs quickly. Todd is: Humorous – A Voice of Reason – Athletic – A HUGE Sports Fanatic – A Cool Head- Perspicacious – Intuitive – Loyal – Funny- Dedicated – Quick on his Feet- And a PHENOMENAL father to his daughter. Todd is also one of the most empathetic servers you will find. Having Todd as a server is more like therapy. He enjoys assisting people, takes time to listen, and knows exactly how to make them feel at home. With his silver tongue… Todd is also the one co-worker you want on during those nerve-frying shifts. Let’s face it…All restaurants have those unfortunate days where it seems Alanis Morissette’s song “Ironic” was made just for you.

Todd’s quick wit will snap you out of whatever your feeling. And lucky for us, he has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, so we all have the proper diagnosis for our individual quirks. the rite of passage never ends…