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Meet Velinda…Velinda has been with us for over 12 years, and we have watched her grow into the beautiful person she has become. Velinda sets herself apart and is a breath of fresh air. She is built on subtle, quiet confidence. Someone once said…” Quiet confidence is the curiously cool cousin of loud confidence”…We believe it. You can see it in her walk. She never puts others down, always owns her mistakes and never needs validation from anyone. Velinda has a settled assurance about herself and is a high achiever. She is: Sensible – Relaxed – Introspective – Unassuming – Unpretentious – Thoughtful – Self- Reliant – Financially Savvy – Dependable…and one of our most self-motivated employees. Velinda comes in early and stays late. She is an excellent server with laser-like focus. Efficiency and hustle are her weapons. Velinda also knows the value of a dollar and could teach her fellow co-workers her secrets. She has an appreciation for investing, real estate, rental properties and house flipping. She has already successfully completed her first house flip. She is business minded like no other. Her behaviour with money is a model for all in this Industry. She has recently married a GREAT guy and we are all hoping for littles soon…Especially her immediate family!